What makes UX and UI copywriting different?

If you navigate through a website or app with ease or even delight, your user experience (UX) is a positive one. These days, UX and user interface (UI) designers work closely with writers (also known as content designers or content copywriters) to make sure your journey through a digital environment is intuitive, effortless and enjoyable. 

This is important because how a person moves through your website or app influences how they feel about your business and brand. UX and UI writers develop the copy that guides people along this digital journey. UX copywriting is different from other types of copywriting because its mission is to help the user (or customer) move intuitively through the interface, from start to finish, and at every interaction in between. 

Successful UX and UI writing must: 

  1. Start with empathy. Putting yourself in someone else’s shoes helps you understand how they’d like to interact with your business and brand. Gather all the available data and research to build a picture of your customers, their needs, their mindset and how they perceive your brand. Then UX and UI writers can use this information to strike up a conversation with them online. 
  2. Be clear. Words guide people at critical points in their customer journey. Every time a person gets to a new screen, a call-to-action button or an error message, words explain what the options are and fill any gaps in information. UX and UI writers can use words that prompt, reassure them and give feedback. Their mission is to make your interface easy to use. 
  3. Be concise. Our time, mental processing power and the available digital landscape are all limited, so concise, simple language is essential. UX and UI writers are writing for mobile-first, and make every word count. They aim to minimise the cognitive load on the person moving through your website or app, so customers can achieve what they’re there for as quickly as possible. 
  4. Have personality: You can be concise and clear and still express personality! To achieve this, UX and UI writers need to understand your brand personality, particularly your tone of voice. If you haven’t defined this yet, they can help you craft it. Then, they will skillfully employ it throughout your digital landscape to evoke a feeling about your business and brand. Writers can imbue every word with a sense of who you are, creating a consistent and authentic experience. 

Having a professional writer on the job, from the idea to the development of your digital environment, is the best way to optimise the user experience. The best UX and UI copywriters are strategic thinkers and problem solvers. They pay attention to the micro detail, take an analytical approach and have an open mind. With these attributes, UX and UI writers can create quality content that encourages users to stick with your brand every step of the way. 

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